JANUS-MM-4LP-XT PC/104-Plus Quad Isolated CAN Module with 24 Digital I/O High Performance CAN Functionality The Janus-MM-4LP-XT I/O module offers two or four CANbus 2.0B ports with opto-isolation plus 24 digital I/O lines. Models are available in both the PC/104-Plus and PC/104 form factors. An FGPA core houses the CAN controller logic and provides data rates up to 1Mbps. Each port supports standard and extended frames as well as expanded TX and RX message queues for enhanced performance. Each port has its own combination isolator and transceiver chip. The Janus-MM-4LP-XT fits a wide variety of rugged and on-vehicle embedded serial I/O application needs. Digital I/O Janus-MM-4LP-XT offers 24 programmable digital I/O lines organized as three 8-bit digital I/O ports. Rugged Design Janus-MM-4LP-XT was designed with harsh applications in mind including latching connectors to further improve reliability. Extended temperature operation of −40°C to +85°C is tested and guaranteed. The module is compatible with MIL-STD-202G shock and vibration specifications. Key Features All four CAN ports on the Janus-MM-4LP-XT are driven from an FPGA-based CAN 2.0 bus controller core which provides full CAN2.0B functionality. Each port has an Analog Devices combination isolation and transceiver chip, independently isolating it from the host system and other ports to eliminate sensitivity to noise and ground shifts in the network. The product has several jumper configurable options including CAN termination and bias. The digital I/O logic level and pull-up / pull-down resistors are also jumper configurable. For additional ruggedization, zero ohm jumper-bypass resistors can be installed in any configuration. Software Support Janus-MM-4LP-XT comes with a basic CAN driver for Windows 7, XP and Linux 2.6. The driver supports dual-independent and dual-redundant modes.
D-sub 9 pin 120 Ohm termination adapter
D-sub 9 pin 120 Ohm termination adapter CAN adaptor Kvaser D-sub 9 pin 120 Ohm termination adapter is a CAN adaptor with a 9-pin male D-Sub connector at one end and a 9-pin female D-Sub socket at the other. Between CAN High (pin 7) and CAN Low (pin 2) there is a built-in 120 Ohm CAN terminating resistor. This adapter provides quick and easy termination to any Kvaser high-speed CAN product. The Kvaser CAN termination adapter is used when there is a need to terminate a CAN node without internal termination or when no CAN node is connected to the bus. The Kvaser D-sub 9 pin 120 Ohm termination adapter has a 9-pin male D-Sub plug connector and a 9-pin female D-Sub socket. A 120 ohm terminating resistor sits between pins 2 and 7.
T-Cannector v2
T-Cannector v2 CAN bus hub Kvaser T-cannector v2 is a CAN bus hub with three female and one male D-SUB9 connectors. Used typically in application development scenarios, this offers an adjustable CAN termination resistor (120/60/0 Ohm) that provides an affordable and safe way of terminating the CAN circuit, as well as powering devices that take their power from the USB connection or the CAN network to which they are attached, such as Kvaser’s Blackbird and Memorator series. This device comes with a 12V power supply and EU, USA, UK and Chinese plugs. Major Features of Kvaser T-cannector v2: Acts as a CAN bus hub with 3 female and 1 male D-SUB9 connectors Each DSUB9 has screws to secure the connection to the Kvaser CAN interface Adjustable termination via easy-to-use switch 12V 1A power supply LED to indicate power on Voltage range of 12V-24V DC This is a new version of an existing product that responds to user requests for more termination options. Notably our previous product came in two versions: with fixed termination of 120 Ohms and without. The Kvaser T-cannector v2 is extremely price-competitive, providing an external 12V 1A power source for Kvaser CAN interfaces and a safe, trustworthy means of circuit termination that protects customer’s interface investment and will prevent short circuits from damaging their development boards.
Leaf Pro HS v2 OBDII
Leaf Pro HS v2 OBDII USB-CAN interface CAN FD ready Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2 OBDII is an evolution of the Leaf family that bring programmability to user's fingertips, as well as CAN with Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD). Kvaser's Pro versions boast a high transmit capability that meets the needs of CAN FD frames. It also supports customisation using Kvaser's t programming language. For example, users can run a t program to speed up file transfer protocols or to emulate ECUs and other devices by generating traffic and handling protocols. This model has a 16-pin OBDII connector, but a version with a standard 9-pin DSUB is also available. Please see Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2 for details.
USBcan Pro 2xHS v2
USBcan Pro 2xHS v2 USB-CAN interface with CAN FD support The USBcan Pro 2xHS v2 is a USB to dual channel CAN or CAN FD interface with scripting capability. With a standard USB connector and two high-speed CAN channels with ISO 11898-2 compliant CAN transceivers in two separate 9-pin D-SUB CAN connectors, it is high-performance, yet compact, and can be used as a simple dual-channel interface to connect two high speed CAN buses to a PC or mobile computer, or can be programmed to do more. The Pro version is shipped with Kvaser TRX, a lightweight development environment that lowers the bar when starting out programming the device. Feature List: Supports CAN FD Quick and easy plug-and-play installation Supports both 11-bit (CAN 2.0A) and 29-bit (CAN 2.0B active) identifiers Power is taken from the USB bus Galvanic isolation High-speed CAN connection (compliant with ISO 11898-2), up to 1 Mbit/s Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000 and DeviceNet Kvaser MagiSync provides automatic time synchronization between several PC-to-bus interfaces connected to the same PC Programming functionality to support interface mode e.g. Optimize protocol handling, pre-filter CAN messages directly on the interface, or simulate missing hardware Simultaneous operation of multiple devices Software: Documentation, software and drivers can be downloaded for free at www.kvaser.com/downloads Units are shipped with Kvaser TRX, a lightweight development environment Kvaser CANLIB SDK is a free resource that includes everything you need to develop software for the Kvaser CAN interfaces. Includes full documentation and many program samples, written in C, C++, C#, Delphi, and Visual Basic All Kvaser CAN interface boards share a common software API. Programs written for one interface type will run without modifications on the other interface types! J2534 Application Programming Interface available RP1210A Application Programming Interface available On-line documentation in Windows HTML-Help and Adobe Acrobat format
Memorator Light HS
Memorator Light HS CAN interface Designed for troubleshooting any CAN-based (controller area network) system, the Kvaser Memorator Light HS is an easy-to-use tool for logging serial data, with no preconfiguration or software setup required. With an autobaud function that determines CAN bus bit rate, the Kvaser Memorator Light can be attached to any high-speed CAN bus without configuration. All CAN bus traffic is logged in a circular buffer, overwriting the oldest data when the buffer becomes full. A separate circular buffer keeps track of error frame conditions and the message traffic that occurs near the conditions. Major Features Single high-speed CAN channel (compliant with ISO 11898-2). Supports both 11-bit (CAN 2.0A) and 29-bit (CAN 2.0B active) identifiers. Supports bit rates from 10 Kbit/sec up to 1 Mbit/sec. Auto detects bit rate — removes the need for configuration. Always in silent mode — log bus traffic without interfering. 1 GByte of internal memory for message storage. All received CAN frames recorded in a circular buffer — oldest data overwritten by newest. A second circular buffer records 1000 messages before and after an error frame occurs. The Kvaser Memorator Light extraction software provides easy access to the recorded data when connected to the device via a USB port. The tool supports multiple formats used by popular analysis software. In addition, the extraction software allows the user to clear and reinitialize the device’s memory Software Kvaser CANLIB SDK is a free resource that includes everything you need to develop software for the Kvaser CAN interfaces. Includes full documentation and many program samples, written in C, C++, C#, Delphi, and Visual Basic. All Kvaser CAN interface boards share a common software API. Programs written for one interface type will run without modifications on the other interface types! J2534 and RP1210A Application Programming Interfaces available.
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