Digi-Shock XT
Digi-Shock XT Impact & Temperature Recorder The Digi-Shock XT records user-definable impact events on the X, Y, and Z axis lines up to 100g for up to 6 months. It has fully reusable robust contruction of heavy duty aluminum, IP 67 specified, long battery life, and high sampling for some detailed resolution. New improved logging system alerts and reassures you that the device is actually working. How It Works The Digi-Shock XT will monitor and record impact and temperature on goods in transit or storage and on equipment and structures. Fully reusable, robust construction, IP 67 specified. Long battery life, high sampling rate for more detailed resolution. Impacts recording up to 100G and memory capabilities for up to one million events. An LED visual indication displays when user-defined alarm parameters are exceeded at anytime, advising users that the monitored product may have been damaged and should be inspected immediately. A mission file can be downloaded and emailed without the software installed. This enables customers to view the mission file immediately without waiting for the Dig-Shock XT to be returned. Mission Summary provides the start and end date of the mission, highest and lowest temperature, and the largest impacts on each axis during a journey. Mission graphs provide a detailed report of each mission. This enables customers to view every single event during a journey. Application Mount directly on large pallet like Transformer Devices or other large equipment. This reusable & resettable digital data recorder can monitor shipments of any size during transportation in order to reduce or eliminate potential damage in transit.
Impact-O-Graph (Impact Recorders "M" Series)
Impact-O-Graph (Impact Recorders "M" Series) Reusable Impact Recorder Three mass-spring styluses work independently of each other, each measuring one axis - X, Y and Z. Each stylus operates by angular vibration with one degree of freedom in the direction it monitors. The mechanical, friction-free linkage from each stylus' inertia mass converts motion from any of the three directions into the same plane and draws these forces onto the chart paper for easy reading. Recorders are delivered ready to use with paper and battery already installed (no ink is used). An Operations Manual is provided with each recorder. 1. Mount the Impact Recorder securely to the object to be monitored. 2. Remove the stylus guard and set the chart paper to the starting time. 3. Turn the recorder on. Lock the cover if desired. The recorder is ready to document impacts on pressure sensitive paper. The three bracket styli can be ordered with the same or different G-levels, for example: 2x, 15y, 6z. The appropriate G-level will depend on several factors, including product sensitivities, mode of transport and packaging.  
Trans-Monitor TD
Trans-Monitor TD Single use impact indicator with timer display Trans-Monitor TD (Timer Display) — this device will indicate possible damage and indicate, by the stopped clock, exactly where in the transport cycle the possible impact took place. Mounting and activation is quick and simple. When the impact exceeds the rated G force the visual indication occurs and the clock freezes at exactly the same moment. Assigning accountability and identifying trouble spots can help with insurance claims and reduce the chance of future occurrences. Trans-Monitor TD is the ideal low cost impact indicator for use in safeguarding your shipments by creating a high level of awareness and accountability in the transportation chain. Provides undisputable proof of rough handling at change points or final delivery.
Trans-Monitor Single use impact indicator Trans-Monitor is the ideal low cost impact indicator for use in safeguarding your shipments by creating a high level of awareness and accountability in the transportation chain. Provides undisputable proof of rough handling at change points or final delivery. This reduces warranty and insurance disputes and improves customer satisfaction. High value, technically sensitive, fragile or simply finding the weak spots in your tansport chain,Trans-Monitor has an immediate positive effect. A Trans-Monitor consists of two sets of spring loaded steel balls mounted in a rugged housing with a transparent window. The springs are calibrated to withstand forces up to the g rating of the unit. If impacts of a greater than rated value are imposed, the balls will dislodge from their set positions. The Trans-Monitor is all-directional. It registers impacts from any angle. When an impact takes place, one or more balls are forced out of their socket. Since the ball and spring sets are at a 90° angle from each other, any excessive g force will displace at least one of the balls.
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